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"Hi Hero!" Nick says, using his free hand to pet the excitable dog. He then looks to Larry, and his smile drops slightly.

"… Man, you don’t look so good. How long have you been like this?" The man feels bad for not realizing until now. Larry was always around, so he never put that much thought into it. Maybe he was just busy, he thought. But no, here he was shaking and shivering, looking like he had been ran over by a truck.

Hero adores Nick! The pup relishes the attention he’s being given and rubs his head eagerly into Phoenix’s hand.

'bout a week. I feel awful, but not as bad as I did before.

Larry grimaces. He’d been so sick and feverish that he couldn’t even get out of bed a couple days ago!

Thanks for comin’, buddy. Why dontcha come inside?

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Ding dong! Ding dong!

Yes you now have your very own Phoenix Wright at your door step for the easy payment of zero dollars and zero cents. Act now and you get a free lunch of noodle soup for no money down! Call now, while supplies last!

Or, that’s what the commentary in Nick’s head has to say about all this. He waits patiently at Larry’s door, tapping out a rhythm which mysteriously sounds something like Queen’s You’re My Best Friend.

Hey, I know that song.

Larry smiles wryly, recognizing the melody of the knock as he makes his way to the door. Dude doesn’t look so good right about now, but he’s smiling! Leave it to Nick to cheer him up on a bad day. His shaky hands struggle to open the doorknob, and when he can’t manage to do it himself, a very smart puppy manages to do it for him.

Thanks, Hero—hey, Nick!

The puppy jumps at Phoenix’s legs excitedly; at least one member of the Butz household has some energy!

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Reblog if you’re willing to do violent RPs

Y’know, just in case I feel the need to bust some heads.


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You can come whenever you want! Not like I’m goin’ anywhere.

Thanks, buddy, I appreciate this.

Hey no problem, you’re my friend! I’ll be over in a little bit.

See ya soon, Nick!

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Ask my muse: ‘How did you feel when _______?’

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Well, here comes Phoenix Wright to make your day better. You okay with me just coming over? I can wait a little if you want.

You can come whenever you want! Not like I’m goin’ anywhere.

Thanks, buddy, I appreciate this.

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Date Night!


Seeing what he was planning, Rhoda decides to plan a counter-attack, though one hardly meant seriously. Not being able to cry on command as she was hardly that skilled of an actress, she still adopts a sad, almost tearful expression, and when she speaks, it’s more of a quivering murmur than anything else.

"Ah! Y-you wouldn’t take my food, would you, Larry? I perish the thought! What’s a poor girl to do with such dastardly thieves running about?"

She made sure to really pour on the dramatics in her speech, just so he knew she was just messing around. She doesn’t want him to start crying all over the place, as he was want to do.


Larry falls for her act hook, line, and sinker, and he immediately starts to tear up. 

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I won’t do it I proooomiiiiiiiise!! I don’t wanna be dastaaaaaaardlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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Hey, I’m just glad you’re okay! Are you doing any better now? Do I have to bring over soup and cuddle you until you feel at your best?

Still feeling kinda weak—what’s the word? Fluttery? I dunno. I got the shakes and they won’t go away.

But I like the sound of that! Pamper me, Nick! Heh heh!

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NOT yOU, JACKASS! I was asking if Larry King was okay. He's really old, you know.
Anonymous asked

Oh. Okay.

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[Text:] Hey buddy, I haven't heard from you in a while. Is everything okay?
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[text] yeAh im ok

[text] u wer woried About me?